This blog is probably directed more at my fellow patriots in the TEA Party more than anyone, although other conservatives may end up in my scope also. There is an election year coming up. I know…that is the last thing that most of you probably wanted to hear! Here we go again with the non-stop commercials, the automated phone calls, junk mail, and those weeds that we call campaign signs. But sadly, it is what it is, and I am not sure how to change it.

It is not even officially election season yet, as candidates can not register until January of 2014. However, candidates can pre-file, which allows them to raise funds and really start campaigning early. We saw Shelly Moore Capito pre-file and announce her candidacy for US Senate in late winter.

Which brings me to the point of this blog; Sometime between now and May of 2014, you will have to decide who you want to represent you in certain races. The nice thing about the off year election is that there are not as many races up for grabs, so we are not hit from every side. However, one race that is coming up in the primary season, will be between Shelly Moore Capito, and Pat McGeehan, running for the same seat. Both are Republicans, so one of them will be going up against Natalie Tennant in the general election. It is a generally expected that no viable candidate is going to run against Tennant in the primary.

Here is the dilemma: Patrick McGeehan is the ultimate TEA Party candidate. At least from what I know so far, his values align perfectly with those of the TEA Party groups in West Virginia. Shelly Moore Capito has the name recognition, the backing and the money to have the best chance to beat Tennant.

So…which way do we go? I have already heard many who have jumped on the McGeehan bandwagon because of principle. I have NO problem with that whatsoever. Voters have every right to choose their candidate, and campaign for them. TEA Party folks want people like him representing them in Washington, Charleston, and in their local government. And so do I!

On the other hand, can Pat McGeehan beat Natalie Tennant? She also has the name recognition, and will have the money, provided by unions and rich Democrat people and organizations. I have heard many reasons why people will vote for her, all of which are aggravating and wrong, but sadly true. People will vote for her because of the fact that she was the Mountaineer, because she is from Marion County, she was an anchor on a local news, because she has a pretty smile, or because they just recognize the name. This is sad, but a real fact in West Virginia.

With this being the case, how will you vote? Will you vote on principle? If so, are you willing to help do EVERYTHING you can do to help you candidate win in both the primary and the general election? Are you willing to donate to his campaign? Are you ready to pass out literature, make phone calls and go door to door?

Or, will you vote for the name who you feel has the better chance of winning in November? Admitedly this is the easy vote. But do we need to go the route of principle, which seems to be the proper way to go? Or should we go the less risky direction and vote for the more well known candidate? I am not going to give you the answer. You have to decide this one for yourself! Enjoy!