Working Rich.”  That was a huge mistake.  It took me to a website, which is, “”  I wish I had never laid eyes on this website, as it nearly made me sick to my stomach, just reading the various headlines. However, my curiosity led me to continue, and I read Mr. Reich’s article.  You can read his article here: 

The second reason that this was a mistake, is that it made my blood pressure go up!  However, since I made it through to the end of the article, I want to use this forum to vent some of the pressure, as sort of a different type of medical therapy.

Reich’s entire article leads to one conclusion:  He believes that there is something morally or ethically wrong with being rich, and with having a large gap between the amount of money that the rich rightfully own, and the income that the poor have.  The very first line in is writing says, “In a new Pew poll, more than three quarters of self-described conservatives believe “poor people have it easy because they can get government benefits without doing anything.”  Yet, nothing in his article addresses this problem! 

Of course conservatives are complaining about the federal government paying people not to work, and encouraging them not to seek gainful education or employment!  Why would many people, especially those who have not been taught the value of work and independence, want to get off of the couch, when they can get a check, food stamps, and have their rent, utilities, health care and cell phone paid for by someone else!  Oh…and by the way, the “someone else” we are talking about here are the hard working Americans, and the “non-working” rich, as he likes to call them.

But what are these “non-working” rich people doing all day?  Lounging by the pool?  Non-stop vacations?  Burying their money in the yard?  No!  They are building factories, operating trucking companies, or construction companies, or any of the thousands of businesses out there that pay taxes and employee hundreds or even thousands!  And they are investing in the stock market, which helps supply capital for other companies to operate and grow.  Again, they pay taxes on the returns, as well as be a small part of putting people to work!

And, when they build that factory, or start any business, or even simply call the broker and tell him where to invest their money, they are taking a RISK!  And, with great risk comes great reward…or failure!  But, for their bravery in risking the money, they should be able to reap profits, that they EARN!

This is so obvious, that Reich even uses the term in his own piece!  “The wealth is coming from those who over the last three decades EARNED huge amounts on Wall Street, in corporate boardrooms, or as high-tech entrepreneurs.”  Why does he think that this is wrong?  Why does he care that the children of Sam Walton are billionaires?  Is it jealousy?

And, in the latter part of his tirade against those who have succeeded, he apparently thinks that the money that is earned by an individual should not be passed on to their children!  It is obvious that he believes the government has more right to the money!  He has three ideas on how to level the income playing field, all of which involve the government taking more of what is rightfully ours, because we EARNED it, or we had it given to us by our parents! 

I really have to wonder, if he is so jealous of those who inherit their riches, without “working” for it, why does he think that the government should take from our pockets, when they have never EARNED anything!