The other day I was talking to a friend about the changes that we have seen in our lifetime, most of them not good.  I am not talking about technology, but in the morals and philosophies of people in America.

A few examples:  One of the biggest newsmakers today is the decision made by Bruce Jenner to become a woman.  He has been hailed as a hero and is being given awards for his “courage.”  When did it become heroic for a man to tell GOD he was wrong when he created him as a male, and to try to change GOD’s plan?  Is it as heroic as being shot at in Afghanistan?  Is it as heroic as trying to disarm an IED, knowing that it might blow up anytime?  For that matter, is it heroic at all?

Example #2:  When did it become OK, and worse yet, condoned, for criminals to steal, burn and destroy property, and physically attack police and firefighters?  When did police become the bad guys, just because a very small minority might not follow the rules as they should?  Why are those who protect us not respected and applauded, as they should be?

Example #3:  In the era when I was born, many things were not openly discussed, because they were not approved of, such as divorce, homosexuality, sex outside of marriage etc.  For crying out loud, Lucy and Desi weren’t even allowed to sleep in the same bed, and they were married!  Now, look were we are…34% of babies are born to single mothers, the PC crowd tells us that it is OK for the LGBT crowd to shove their stuff down our throats, but Christians are hateful for speaking their opinion about it, and over half of marriages end in divorce!

There are many more examples of the gradual decline in America’s morals, but it would take too long to go through them all.  But, if you look at where things used to be, and consider that there is absolutely no reason to think things will not continue down this path, it is reasonable to believe that in a few years, it won’t be PC to say that 40 year old men shouldn’t have sex with 13 year old little girls.  It won’t be PC to talk bad about those who want to kill older men and women if they get too sick to fool with.  And it will be absolutely terrible to stop men from having sex with dogs!

Sound sick and impossible?  What would your parents and grandparents have said about a Bruce Jenner scenario in 1955?  If we don’t find a way to stop this, it will stop itself, when our country implodes because of our weakness and immorality!