People often complain about people who “live in the past.”  But what is wrong with loving things that worked?  Why is it only right if we change…whatever?

Don’t get me wrong.  I am not against moving forward, particularly with technological advances.  Inventions and new ideas are what have brought American to where it is today.  Where would we be if people had rejected Henry Ford’s new method of transportation, or the light bulb, invented by Thomas Edison?  We need to embrace new technology.

But what about tried and true ideas and methods of doing things that we grew up with?  What is wrong with the old math?  It worked!  We didn’t have to work as hard as kids do today to understand it.  And we didn’t have to devote as much time and effort to each problem!

Consider this:  Look at all of the inventions and advancements that were made in the US industrial revolution, as well as the technological revolution.  What math did the men and women use who came up with the marvelous things? What math did the NASA engineers use in the 60’s when we put the first man on the moon?  What math did the people use who created the first computers?  What math did the people use who engineered fantastic buildings, bridges, roads, equipment, etc.?

What is wrong with the old idea of family?  Why are mom, dad and kids wrong now?  Why is it wrong to use guns during a 21 GUN salute to honor a veteran?  (Yes a school district outlawed them, saying it promotes gun violence).  Why is it that Christians, who used to be accepted as the norm, are now targeted and discriminated against, and nobody seems to care?

Why are the police always wrong?  Why are the criminals always the “victims?”  It didn’t used to be this way!  Police were hailed as heroes at all times!  They were looked up to.  Kids wanted to grow up to be police or firemen.  Now, many police agencies can’t get enough qualified applicants to fill their ranks!

I have begun to use a new slogan when I talk about the things that are happening today, such as “black lives matter” and “Occupy Wall Street.”  That saying is, “Welcome to the New America.”  But why is the New America so much worse than the old America?  Why do we have so much more tolerance for things that are wrong, and no defense of what is right?  Why is drug abuse so much more prevalent?  Why do people want more money for doing less?  Why do we continue to allow politicians, particularly on the federal level, continue to drag our country down the debt hole?  Why do we accept these things and so much more?

And the big question is:  Can we get the old America back?  Have we reached the point of no return?  What are you/I/we wiling to do to get our former values, ethics, and standard of living back to where it used to be?  Or, ARE we willing to do something?

If not, where will we be in 20 years?  40 years?  Dare we think about it?