Many of our elected representatives have stated that they do not plan on attending the inauguration ceremonies for Donald J. Trump, as a form of protest.  Most notable of these, is Georgia Rep. John Lewis.  The reason that he is the most notable is because he is the congressman who seems to be making the most headlines about his decision, and his comment that he does not believe that “Trump is a legitimate president.”  Congressman Lewis may not like Donald Trump, and may like it even less that he is the president-elect.  But, that is the REALity!

So, I guess legitimacy has nothing to do with reality…the reality that Donald J. Trump is an American, survived a tough primary process, and secured way more than enough electoral votes to win the presidency.  Now, legitimacy seems to have more to do with whether or not the president elect has views that align with those of Congressman Lewis, or any of the other people who are whining, protesting, seeking psychological help or running to their “safe space!”  It has more to do with opinion and feelings than fact!

“Legitimacy” isn’t the only word that seems to have new or dual meaning.  Racist comments or actions are only reality if they come from a Christian white man.   Minorities however, can beat up a mentally challenged white male, while chanting “F*@& the white man” and F*@& Trump” and it is not racist, according to liberal talking heads.

And, it is only a lie if the same Christian white man says it. Saying that the white officer who shot a black criminal in Ferguson, did so in self defense is labeled as a lie, and he is labeled as a racist bigot.  But when BLM claims that it is racist and wrong when a BLACK officer shoots a black criminal in Charlotte, it is OK?

Folks, here is the REALity.  Yes, there is racism in this country.  Unfortunately, there are white bigots who do not like certain people only because of their skin color, their religion or their nationality.  However, those people are far outnumbered by those who do not like whites, simply because of their skin color.  And while white racists are a scourge on society, at least the most they do to show their hate is to march in white costumes. to hide their identity.  Like it or not, (and you should not like it), this disgusting show is protected by our Constitution.

On the other hand, those who want to protest against whites proudly burn down their neighborhoods, overturn police cars, steal from the businesses that are owned by their own neighbors, and injure police officers.  This is NOT free speech.  This is criminal behavior and should not be tolerated!  Yet we do!  Why?

There is a familiar saying, which says. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”  But today, it seems as if reality is in the eye of the beholder.  A person can say or think whatever they want, and that is supposed to make it true.  A real president isn’t legitimate.  A white police officer must be racist, because he is white.  A boy can be a girl and a girl can be a boy.  A person can marry themselves or a member of the same sex, regardless of GOD’s plan and the REALity of nature.  When did thoughts, opinions and feelings start to trump reality.  And remember that reality includes history, science and biology.

The American people need to wake up.  They need to face the fact that reality doesn’t always make them feel good.  Reality does not always work in their favor.  Reality does not always make it easy.  Reality means that people get sick and die.  People aren’t always rich.  People get their feelings hurt.  They have to work hard to get ahead.  And above all, reality means that we have to accept the things that we cannot change, or work through the proper channels to change what we can.  Like it or not!